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Art in Fundraising

Sharing art for a cause has allowed artists, art organizations and non-artists charities to approach art-based projects. Last year alone, we have hosted 20 art-fundraising events to help children and their families have access to….

Volunteer in time of isolation

The past couple of months have been a reality check on a number of things we have taken for granted, and also a reality check on how much communities and families need out help now more than ever…

Donation For Kids on Street

We have shared many stories on how we allocate our resources to helping communities and families escape poverty. This year alone, we have housed over 100 kids living on the streets with their families, giving them access to water and food….

Sharing Happiness

The world has changed for children in the past years, all thanks to your help and your fight to uphold the rights of children. This year, we have saved 1000 children from abusive homes, human trafficking….

Give the gift of bible

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, we hope to spread peace and refuge through the scriptures. The past month, we have received 500 bible donations to send out to countries who do not have access…

Donation for poor kids

Nearly 4,000 Canadians came together to bring tangible hope to children and families. Monetary and physical donations were sent out to 10,000 poor kids all over the world...

Fundraising for child refugee

Will you help provide much needed help for refugees? During this time, we need to come together to help refugees survive the pandemic...

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